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Hey, I'm Charlotte. OK, this here is my personal blog and art dump. I'm an university student double majoring in computers and politics. Here's what you should expect here so you don't come in here surprised:

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21 - Ghanaian American - Chicago, USA

I’m just posting for the sake of posting.  It’s been a long while, hasn’t it…


"I promise to lead you, to hold your hand as we walk together and I’ll always treasure your heart"

Steve & Erin’s Wedding (x) 

I’m deciding whether a new website, app, or game will be my next big personal project.  I wouldn’t start on it until at least a few weeks from now (currently too busy for it), but I’m thinking about it in advance just because.  It makes me happy and hopeful to be honest.  Lately, I’ve been really down so planning these things gives me something to look forward to.  Then again I always organize and plan yet nothing gets done.  Of course, even in a few weeks it’d be nothing more than mapping and brainstorming/research for ideas.  Just wanted to share. :)




I want to comment on why the Model Minority Myth is bad - not good, not neutral, but nothing other than bad. 

  • Firstly, no racial stereotype is positive. They are reductive and created with the intention to limit one’s humanity. They are caricatures of an entire group of people.
  • The Model Minority Myth was created by white people.
  • It was coined in the 1960’s when the New York Times Newspaper ran stories describing the success of Asian-Americans (I believe specifically Japanese-American and then Chinese American people) in the US despite marginalization(they didn’t want to say racism) basically saying that through cultural influences which promoted strong family values and hard work ethic, Asian Americans were able to “thrive” in the US despite the barriers that were present.
  • This was the 1960’s, an era that included numerous social & political movements not only in the US, but around the world. The Model Minority Myth was created in opposition to those movements, namely the Civil Rights Movement in a manner that proposed Asian Americans, who were/are racial minorities, were doing quite well in spite of the issues that were being highlighted throughout the Civil Rights Movement (a movement largely headed by Black Americans).
  • Not only were white people using Asian Americans as a means for justifying that things were fine the way they were, white people were pitting Asian Americans against other People of Color.
  • The Model Minority Myth contributes to the idea that all Asians are interchangeable. It ignores the differences in histories, economic status, and educational attainment among the people of various ethnicities who are racialized as Asian, collectively and individually. 
  • Statistically, it just isn’t true when you look across the board at various ethnic groups racialized as Asian the level of economic and educational disparity. (For Hmong-American people, the percentage of those living in poverty is 25% & we’re also below in terms of educational attainment and annual median salary)
  • Having been perpetuated, it’s placed unfair expectations/pressures on Asian students academically and contributed to false ideas of our performance making academic aid and support more difficult (in terms of its availability and in asking for it)

The only thing I can really complain about that a lot of people here does is the inability to spot obvious baiting from trolls.  You have an attached comment on a post where it’s obviously exaggerating it’s message and shaming recklessly, but instead of not engaging that troll, you go ahead and call all social justice bloggers insane.  As if that troll genuinely had social issues in mind and wasn’t just bullshitting to cause grief.  I see this happening too often.


Frightening site shows everything a hacker can learn about you just from Facebook

A new, eerie web project called Digital Shadow combs through your Facebook profile and pulls together enough of your information to create a dossier creepy enough to make you want to quit social networking altogether. 

Once you login and grant the site access to your Facebook profile, the system simulates a hacker attack and creates a list of “pawns” (friends who can betray you), “obsessions” (people you creep on the most) and “scapegoats” (people you would be willing to sacrifice), as well as photos of your favorite places and an analysis of your posting habits.

And if you thought that wasn’t enough to give you nightmares, it gets worse. Pulling together your education and information history, the website takes a crack at guessing your salary level and net worth. Additionally, based on your interests and activity, the site can generate a list of potential passwords, your personality and your likely locations.

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I hardly use Facebook, but I know I’m still vulnerable.  We all are or at least those who are frequent Internet users.




war kills people from the inside out sometimes

“In war, there are no unwounded soldiers.”

i think i’ve posted this before but it’s so powerful

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